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You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link…

Hello. I loved this quote. I think there are two camps; one suggests to focus on your strengths and the other that says you will never go forward unless you address your weaknesses. Which do you think is your way forward? I agree on the title. You are only as strong as your weakest part.  I also agree on working…read more →

Jun 12

Are you a conscious or unconscious whiner?

If I could coach people on a  few top tips, this one would be at the top, it really would.  Why?  How how much time do you spend either verbally or mentally or whining about your life?  How much time would you free up, and you would then have the mental time and energy to achieve so much of your…read more →

Feb 02

If you carry on like this life will stay the same…

How much do you actually do, each day, to move towards more of a life you want? Anything? Sporadic moments? Focused goals or just doing what you can when you can? Do you know what you want? Or perhaps did and now there are other distractions in your life that you could ‘suggest’ make it too hard to do it now?…read more →

Jan 31

Where are you being sloppy?

Where can you clean up? Oh the shame of it.  The utter shame.  Here I sit writing and cringing at the same time….  why? I have just sat and ‘started’ my accounts. Started.  For this year.  It has taken me four months to do this from September when life changed.  I know I needed better accounting systems, of course I…read more →

Jan 23