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How Serious Are You about Having Fun?

Hello, I wonder at what age it is when life becomes very serious and we then need to stop having fun with it?  I was reminded this morning when I saw this lovely photo and it made me think… How much more fun would life be if you wore a tutu? My ask for you today is What can you…read more →

Apr 30

Is your Inbox taking over your life?

Hello, I was overwhelmed, but I just couldn’t stop clicking on the button to open my email.  Oh no! So many to click delete today… and that happened every day!  Every day!  Then one weekend I left my phone at home – apart from initially feeling  bereft, I found it quite liberating.  Especially as my partner became my PA for the weekend…read more →

Apr 18

5 things to do each day to simplify your life…

  OK lets get to it! 1.  Do not check your email first thing. It starts your day off in ‘reaction’ mode and it is very difficult to start over again.  Lets start as we mean to go on. Decide to turn it on after an hour of planning what you want to create! 2.  Write out your list for…read more →

Mar 27

March Hare – Are You Racing Around?

It’s the start of spring?  Or is it?  It’s freezing outside, but just think it is less than three weeks away untill we get to ‘spring’ the clocks forward and we get more sunlight! “Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams When the spring starts we come out of our winter slumber with enthusiasm and get fresh…read more →

Mar 08