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Is this it?

June 15, 2015

Hello, Do you wonder if this is what you are ‘supposed’ to be doing?  Does that question pop into your head at times?  Why am I here?  Another Monday morning… Well I can tell you with absolute honesty, that when your mind is asking these questions of you… The answer is NO! I know it […]

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How do you grow?

June 8, 2015

Hello, I am excited.  I realise I say this a lot in my life especially to clients.  If they are up to something that I see they are going to love, I get as excited for them – at times even more so – to encourage the inside reaction to come play on the outside… […]

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A new beginning…

June 4, 2015

Hello, After losing our beloved Lil we agreed we would wait for another dog until after the summer…  Hmmm…  I tried.  But having grown up with dogs, I realised that living without them is just like living without my left leg.  I can still survive but life is so much easier with dog energy.  The happy […]

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