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5 things to do each day to simplify your life…

March 27, 2012

  OK lets get to it! 1.  Do not check your email first thing. It starts your day off in ‘reaction’ mode and it is very difficult to start over again.  Lets start as we mean to go on. Decide to turn it on after an hour of planning what you want to create! 2. […]

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Snails Pace – Slow is sooooo good!

March 15, 2012

 “In our culture, snails are not considered valiant animals — we are constantly exhorting people to “come out of their shells” — but there’s a lot to be said for taking your home with you wherever you go. –Susan Cain (in The Power of Introverts)” We are currently ‘looking after’ two African Land Snails from my son’s nursery […]

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March Hare – Are You Racing Around?

March 8, 2012

It’s the start of spring?  Or is it?  It’s freezing outside, but just think it is less than three weeks away untill we get to ‘spring’ the clocks forward and we get more sunlight! “Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams When the spring starts we come out of our winter slumber […]

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Simplify you Life – It will Make it Stronger

March 6, 2012

Hello my lovely readers! I am all ‘fluffed’ up and ready to go for March and as I mentioned before my theme is Simplifying Life to Make it Stronger… So if you are ready the first will be here tomorrow but if you want to add me to your RSS feeder… oooerrr… that is something new? […]

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