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Where are you being sloppy?

January 23, 2012

Where can you clean up? Oh the shame of it.  The utter shame.  Here I sit writing and cringing at the same time….  why? I have just sat and ‘started’ my accounts. Started.  For this year.  It has taken me four months to do this from September when life changed.  I know I needed better […]

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Get clearer on what you want – get rid of ‘stuff’

January 9, 2012

Get rid of the stuff… Looking around I am so curious to see how much ‘stuff’ we fill our lives with – and I mean ‘stuff’ – gadgets, TV, computer games, mobile apps, chatting, gossiping…  drinking… things that we often fill our lives with transient value – it does not add any lasting value – […]

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