Retreat – Whitstable October 2017

Do you feel there is something more but no matter what you can't seem to find 'it'?

Are you a on a constant quest to find something that will make your business or life feel accomplished?

Let me start with why this has taken so long to come to fruition.  It has literally taken me fifteen years to feel the right time to create a space to enable me to feel we are ready to take you to a space where you meet the real you.  A space where you let go of what was, or the idea of what could be and you get in touch with what is now.  What REALLY is now.

During this 'retreat' I am not sure if it fits this label or not really  - and that added more time on... it had to be right...  the perfectionist in me got a huge airing in the creative process - that I know for sure! But what I do know is that we have created a space that will allow you to relax, and trust.  Trust that in this space you can find out who you are, connect with her and fully embrace that this life, from now on will be yours to love all the way through.

We leave no stone unturned.  What you will come away with is a way to connect with your own resonance and ability to know what you want in the next stage of your life.

So what does it involve?  
We start on Thursday evening at 7.30pm.  This is where we get to know each other and to introduce ourselves and to start our connection.
Friday and Saturday will include all kinds of processes, games, fun stuff, tough stuff, tears, lots of laughter, health discussions, feedback and all kinds of more! But an overall theme of letting go of what you 'think' life is and connecting with what is now.

Who is it for?
You.  If you are reading this is it no doubt for you.  If you are:

  • feeling that you are already 'successful' but know that something is missing in your life.
  • know where you life is going and you are feeling less than inspired
  • are challenged but not in the 'right' way
  • answer 'about 5 out of 10' when asked how much of your brilliance is being utilised
  • feel you have done that, been there.... now what?

Who is it not for...
You.  If you are:

  • blaming others for your mistakes
  • avoiding responsibility for your life
  • a retreat junkie
  • externally focused
  • challenged by really finding answers and changing
  • seeking people to 'tell you' what to do instead of finding 'your truth'
  • Want a space to be 'treated'...

Where is it being held?
This time we are in the lovely seaside town of Whitstable in Kent, UK in a beautiful house.  It is very Whitstable, and that means it is 'real'.  You will have your own bed, possibly your own room.  There are a number of rooms and first come first serve, or if you have friends you would like to bring - we have one room that has three beds in it.

If you are in the states, no panic, we are coming to you next year to Arizona!

How much is it and how can book a place?
We are offering a Early Bird special to be paid by the June 22nd and this is £799 (payment plans are available with admin costs associated).  After June 22nd it will be

The only way to book a space is by agreement via a skype call with Kerry Hales.

When is it?
We start on Thursday 19th October and finish on Sunday 22nd October at noon.

Why should you book?
It will be life changing.  Kerry and Teri have between them over 60 years of personal development experience - yes EXPERIENCE. Between them you will be held in a space that is unique and will touch your soul.  This will mark a space in your life that you will always remember as when you became aware of who you REALLY are and how from this moment on, you live my rules that support you in every way.

Now.  This is real.  If you are easily offended by anything and want to send an email with your considerations.  Please do not waste your time.  We get real.  We are ruthless with your happiness.  Happiness and vitality are our main concerns and we will chase them down.  If you are ready to get real with your life and why it isnt how you want it to be - we are the team you have been waiting for.

Are you ready?
Book a call with Kerry now and let's talk.

If you are not sure, book a call.  Then you will know.  Really know.