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The business of you

Business of You® - The Membership

Well hey, you.

Yes, YOU! The gorgeous rebel looking at me on the interwebs.

May I get up close and real for a moment?


Who the FUCK are you not to live a brave and beautiful life?

Do you really, truly, HONESTLY want to play as the smaller, compromised version of you?

I don’t think you do.

In fact, I am pretty damn sure you don’t.

Life is short. The last year or so has reminded us all that anything could happen at any time - so what do YOU want to happen in your life?

What if you decided to really live your life to the fullest version of you - what would that look like?

 I want you to really, and I mean REALLY, love who you are, what you do and where you live.

No comparisonitis, no FOMO, no bullshit.

I believe - in fact, I KNOW, 20+ years into being a coach -  that there are so many of us that are not loving every day.

Often, we are focused on a future or past self. A version of you that’s not NOW, living this stuff.

Pinch yourself.
I mean it.
Life is now. Here. 

This membership is an invitation for you.
It’s about me holding a strong, loving space for you to create and grow with courage, fierce clarity, and action.

The twice a month 'Hot Seats' are there for you to be held accountable, to put your feet to the fire, but also for you to know you are NEVER alone. Never.

Working on your business and creating the life you want can feel really lonely.

I want you to know, deep in your bones, that in BOY it is a space where you can ask for help, to turn up and have real, gritty conversations, and to be helped and held by someone who has been there, done that and got the scars.

This is going to be my favourite place to hang out. It will be yours, too.

This collective is a group of women who are here to really love who they are and what they do, and who wish to remain curious and open about the journey they are on.

I am brave, and I will push you. I am kind, and you will be seen and heard.

There is no shaming, no pressure, just a space to expand and explore, and to make some serious shifts - your way.

In 'Business of You' I am pulling in all I have learnt in my 52 years on the planet as an explorer, seeker, rebel, and shit shifter, to share with you so that YOU can live a courageous, connected life.

Sounds good? Here’s how we do it:

Course duration:

Monthly Membership

What you get:

  • Twice monthly coaching 'Hot Seat'
  • Quarterly Book Subscription and book Club
  • Monthly Trainer + invited speakers
  • Facebook group - for sharing
  • VIP Option one hour per month one to one coaching with Kerry


VIP includes 1hr one to one
£249 month
£2490 year
£49 month
£490 a year

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    Weekly coaching 'Hot Seats'

    Hot seats are for you to be held accountable. And by that I mean with integrity and awareness of holding a space of clarity and connection to your better self.
    This is the mainstay of our membership.  It is your way to stay in your lane.  To stop the comparisonitis of the constant... should I...
    You can and you will live a life you love.  Day by day and week by week.  
    Ask a question on the call or if you cannot attend, ask in advance and watch the recording.
    These are private zoom calls with me where you can me anything and I will answer live. These will be recorded and put into our membership site.

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    Quarterly Book Club

    Every quarter we enjoy a book club month together. The book will be one that has changed my life in some way and feel will bring more to living with intention. 
    It will be a read along and then have a book club discussion via zoom, recorded for you in our membership area.

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    Guest Expert Trainings

    During my nearly 20 years in the business of human potential, I have met some truly amazing humans who share their gifts with the planet.
    They will be all about how to look after your mind, body and wellbeing.

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    Private Facebook Group

    This is where you get to feel the connection to others.
    I say this because it will be a COLLECTIVE. It will only be as good as you connect with those who are in it. 
    I strongly advise you to throw all you can in it.  I promise you will get back all you do and more.

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    VIP - One to One Coaching

    An hour per month one to one with Kerry will give you a boost of clarity.  Mix this with your weekly intention setting and there really will be no other way to go but to fall in love with you and what you do.
    Select the VIP option for this life changing option.


This membership will be limited to a maximum of 200 to ensure you get the focus you need.  I have put all of my wisdom from nearly 20 years of coaching into making this the best membership I can,

To ensure I keep this a space of integrity, as we grow I will add in an extra 'Hot Seat' - so you will always know, I have your back.

'Business of You®' is about making sure you are fully aligned with who you want to be.


In life.

In business.

In E V E R Y T H I N G!

I can't wait.

Won't wait.

Are you ready to step in?

Who is Kerry Hales?

Kerry is a Transformational Coach and best selling author of "Life Lessons from your Knicker Drawer'.  She has been featured in BBC, 'Best' magazine, and Female First to name a few.

She has invested over 30 years studying human behaviour including Psychology degree, training for 10 years in 'Self Acutalisation Learning Technique' with Dr Mick MacKenzie and has a life coaching qualification PCCC to the ICF standards.

Over the last 20 years she has coached hundreds of clients through her DeKluttered® process and one to one coaching.

Using emotional intelligence strategies,  solution oriented coaching, and not forgetting a wicked and essential sense of humour, she supports her clients finding a love for who they are and what the do on a daily basis.