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What if I said I had an exclusive, members-only opportunity to discover what you really want... and get it...


Last year I reached the glorious age of 50. With that comes a lot of wisdom, but mostly a sense of 'what am I waiting for?'. Yes, even I can procrastinate with some of my dreams. So, I'm simplifying what I do and creating more ways to give and receive hugs.


I realised I want and need to get out from behind the screen and to connect fellow powerhouses together, so that we can get shit done, with fun and integrity.

With 2020 has come a new programme. A programme that I've created to encompass everything I offer in my business, at a price that is affordable – stretching, but doable – for a feeling and intention to set you up for a winner of a year... and your life.


The Business of You is a composite of masterminding and VIP days that is exactly the kind of programme I would love. I've been in many masterminds over the years and loved parts of them. This mastermind includes everything I loved about them.


So here it is. The best of all I can give you – to create your best year yet – being YOU in your business. Because I see so many chasing the numbers when I know it is essential to find the JOY in what you do and who you are. I'm here to make sure this will shine through everything you do – including your business.

Do you crave time out but get fed up with the usual networking?
Do you want to be held accountable but know it needs someone super smart to hold that space and push it back to you?
Do know you are not playing full out – but can’t figure out why?

My coaching is based on emotional intelligence, quick wit, solution-seeking, a wicked sense of humour and an overriding desire to make life as you experience it… FUN. Because, if it isn’t fun there's really not much sense in doing it… right?


Finding your sense of fun will ultimately find the deeper sense of what makes you tick. And when we discover that – we are on our way to magical things happening. Then we can create plans according to who you REALLY are.


My clients love and loathe working with me (mostly love) and we laugh a lot. But we work hard and we get under the thinking of who we are. To where life makes sense. To others, you may be a weird old rebel. But to me, that's where the magic in life is. Being you.

I introduce you to:


The Business of You

Here's a list of what to expect

A VIP day every 90 days

A group coaching day to keep you aligned; add in some fun learning (I do love an interactive session) with either me or a special invited guest aligned for our monthly or quarterly themes, great food (breaking bread is a connective experience) and then an afternoon of planning your brilliant next 90 days. Simple, straightforward and powerful.


A WhatsApp group with the other nine female participants. To celebrate, commiserate, and ultimately to be the supporters you always wanted.


In your private Facebook Group, you can meet the other BoYs (there will only ever by three other groups per year). Plus live videos, Q&As, trainings. I will be in there – cheerleading or poking. This is where you get to mastermind with other powerhouses.

The first groups will be in Kent and Manchester and they will run for a year.

If you would like to know more about costs, please message me as soon as possible. These groups are only for ten. Once they are filled – that is it.


I am pulling out everything I have in my 18 years of coaching and delivering it to you. The Business of You is about making sure YOU are fully aligned with who you want to be. Now. In life. In business. In E V E R Y T H I N G!


I can't wait. Won't wait.

Do you want to play?

Applications are open. Message me now with an understanding of what you would like to create from The Business of You.

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