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Life Lessons from your Knicker Drawer

Life Lessons from Your Knicker Drawer, takes a deep and personal dive into a very private space – the drawer where you keep your knickers and your secrets. Yes, we all have them and what’s stored away might just be more revealing than your sexiest lacy thong.


A fabulous journal to keep a question at the forefront of your creativeness...

What do I want to create?

A plain dotted journal that has an index, page numbers and dotted pages.

What do you want to create in this one precious life? If you want something different from life, but are still not sure what that is, journaling will reveal the answers for you. Especially when the right question is asked.

Take this one question and start your day with it. It is the one powerful intention I start each of my coaching sessions with and no matter what it always comes with a list of what is not wanted. Don't be put off by that, if you do not know. If you did you would be doing it right? Well, I am here to say you can turn that ship around.

Write out what you know is happening and look again at what you have written - if you 'don't want' or 'not' want, then look at what would be the opposite of each of the negatives. To turn it around and look at what you do want. If you do this, you will slowly start to see that you will begin to write out more of what you do want, and it will slowly just become the norm...

What do I want to create today? Well... I want to feel at ease at my interview and ask for the money I want...I want to start a deposit account for my new camper, pennies make pounds... I want to start walking to work one stop less on the tube...I want to drink water instead of diet coke...I want to start dating again...

Just a few questions to get you feeling into what you want... living with intention is all about being clear what YOU want and that feels great about you and keeping that a conscious decision.

I hope you enjoy it and it starts you creating more of what you love!