How can I be sure coaching is right for me?

Book a ‘Taster’ session!

The only way to see if coaching is right for you is to try it.  So I offer a free ‘taster’ session – a try before you buy session.  I like to know who I am going to coach and what you want from it.  I also like to know that we have a rapport and you can only tell that by actually talking.

So if you are curious just contact me and lets talk!

What will I get out of a coaching session?


I know my clients always come away feeling very different to the start of our sessions.  To give you some ideas about the types of responses when I ask them ‘What have you created from our session today?’  They say

Clarity – I am clear on what I want

Permission – I know I can do  it

Choice – there is a different way to do this

Emotion – I can separate how I feel with what I think

Laugh – life is not a serious event but we can make it so.

Each session we will be building on the previous and discover new ways for you to see your life.  It will be like nothing you have done before.  It will feel fresh with new ideas and possibilities. Together with what we have identified, it will bring about positive change, especially designed for you.

What if I need to talk to you inbetween booked sessions?

No problem at all.

If you are my client (in a current package) email and facebook support are included in your package.  I am never far away.

Also you can book in for an extra 15 min. bolt on package for those little laser sessions to get you back on track – if you think you would prefer to talk to me.

We will always find a solution that suits you.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?

Contact me asap.

I know only too well that life has a habit of not going to plan. However, I do ask that clients give me as much notice as possible and in the unlikely event that you forget your appointment, or that it is within 24 hours of our booked session, I may have to charge a cancellation fee.

How many sessions will I need?


I can never tell this from the outset.  Why?  Because as you discuss lives there is a lot to talk about.  Some clients need to get clarity, others need accountability, some may need a bouncing board.  They are all different.

I can tell you I have had some clients for six sessions and some for nearly five years.

I am designing my packages to suit those who want to opt for six sessions and those who want a years support.

Which do you think you would prefer for you?

Do you use Skype or phone?


I am more than happy to coach via the phone or Skype, in many cases especially with my clients living overseas, this is the quickest and easiest way for me to coach them.  I do need to agree this beforehand – you really don’t want to see me straight from a run!

How do I pay?


Three ways:

  • Personal cheques – for those with a UK bank accounts
  • Bank transfer – I have all the numbers required for you from anywhere on the planet
  • PayPal is also an option which also accepts credit card payments.

Payments need to be cleared before our coaching begins and we also need to have agreed the best plan for you.

Do you offer group sessions?


My ‘Empowering Women to Succeed’ are fabulous and are in Whitstable, Kent, UK since 2013 and I am aiming to get these on line later in 2014 for those who cannot get to me personally.

If you would like me to come and work with your group I would love to hear from you.  Let’s talk!

Do you offer business coaching?


Many of my clients specifically come to me for coaching on business success.

I work with them to define their goals and build their confidence. I love to work with SME’s and entrepreneurs who have a big vision and need a solid sounding board to bounce off.  That is what I love to do.

Call me and we can discuss how this could work for you.

Who are your typical clients?

My clients are feisty.

Powerful and in need of a strong pair of hands to take them on.  Searching for clarity in their lives and they come for some straight talking and support.  With a great sense of humour we find a way to laugh at life.

They are usually not ‘normal’ in the sense of they don’t fit in.  We work on making that the best feeling in the world.

Who wants to be ‘normal’ anyway?!

Please check out what my clients have to say and the types of clients I work with.

Would you consider coaching for my company/ organisation?

Yes possibly.

I do work with groups and love to work with teams.  I offer bespoke business packages combining my personal coaching, along with team building exercises and relationship coaching. This works particularly well for small to medium business.

Call me so we can discuss what you need.  I have a network of coaches who I can put you in touch with if what you need is not my thing!