Journal your way to the life you want...

Journal the life you REALLY want...

You are about to be taken on a journey to loving yourself!

This 30-day programme is specifically designed to take you on a journey into loving who you are through journaling!

Do you want to become more intentional in your life?

Learn more about your VALUES and how to work in alignment with them?

What about falling in LOVE with you?

All from journaling...  YUP.  Just you, your journal and me for 30 days...

Are you ready?

Programme Duration

30 Days


Daily coaching emails




Created just for you!

I have been coaching and supporting clients getting what they want for nearly 20 years.

During that time I have invested and learnt many skills and tools support my clients to connect to themselves in a deeper more authentic way.

And this simple tool is a miracle worker!

Why?  Because this is your personal insight into who you are - just you, your inner self and what you feel inside.

That knowing, the belief of what is real inside, can be lost and manipulated by life and society. And we need to work on keeping it REAL to ourselves.

By putting the screen down and being open to connecting to something deeper - we can learn to reconnect with and strengthen the sound of our inner soul.  Like turning up the inner volume instead of listening to the outside noise...

The gift of journaling is to hear the voice inside.

In this programme, every day I will pose a question that will ask you to think more about who you are, what you want and how you usually create things in your life.  This will give you a new awareness and the ability to then make choices; if it is working or not... to then make the necessary changes you want in life.

A life that you love.

A life that you REALLY want.

All you need to do...

Click on the link and every day you will get an email sent to you by 6am.

In it, you will be asked to write on the question.

As the days pass you will build a foundation of beliefs.  Confirming who you are and what you may need to let go of, and of course what you want more of.

This is a month of change, awareness and fun.  It results in you finding a connection to your best friend.


Journaling creates CONNECTION and TRUST in who you REALLY are!

It is a simple yet profound month.

It will change the way you think...

Which changes your beliefs...

And ultimately your actions follow.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved making it.