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Life Lessons from your Knicker Drawer

Declutter your head, transform your life

Life Lessons from Your Knicker Drawer, takes a deep and personal dive into a very private space – the drawer where you keep your knickers and your secrets. Yes, we all have them and what’s stored away might just be more revealing than your sexiest lacy thong.

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Life Lessons From Your Knicker Drawer

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Combining years of coaching experience with an imaginative sense of metaphor, Kerry has created a book full of wisdom, everyday truths and a whole lot of fun! Whether it’s the sexy g-string we know we’ll never wear, the practical, no-nonsense passion-killers that give us comfort and help us through the tough times, or that old pair of baggy pants we just can’t throw away, Kerry’s Life Lessons will shine a light on the way we live our lives.

Through the process of decluttering we discover a deeper understanding of the connection in what we possess. And we can, simply by noticing, change the way we think, feel and act. As you go through each section, you will be taken on a journey of personal discovery that will bring a whole new you to light.

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Kerry Hales is a transformational life coach, and founder of DeKluttered®. Over the past two decades, she has helped hundreds of people transform their lives for the better. Uncompromising, direct and honest, Kerry also has the emotional intelligence to know when a good old hug is the better tool!

Brave, funny, with an almost limitless capacity for curiosity, she has one of the keenest ears for a person’s deepest truth – whether they explicitly tell her or not. She will hold a space and hear your story. She lives on the Kent coast with her sons, dogs, cats and a very desirable knicker drawer.