DeKluttered - The programme - Kerry Hales - Life Coach

A six week intensive to create a calm and deeply fullfilling life every day!

Transformation in six weeks?  Yes. 

Does it feel like life is what other people do while you’re too busy to take part?

Does your success not make you feel how you thought it would?

Do you feel lost, but hide it from those around you?

Are you a woman, a mum, an entrepreneur, all of the above and more, yet you cannot shift the fact that you feel unfulfilled?

Every day I talk to people just like you,  and we find 'solutions' to the 'problems' they have.

They are all different of course, but there are patterns and puzzles, beliefs and mindsets. We all want to be confident, to be content, to truly know who we are and what we really, really want.

You know that’s what you aspire to, but it's the getting there that frustrates you. Just where do you start?

  • You need to start with clarity. To build a clear picture of a confident you looks like... who you really are.
  • Once we have that vision, we will work together to strengthen the connection to who you are underneath all that busy-ness.

These are the two magic solutions that generate the confident you.

To go out there and be who you bloody well want to be!  Or to be more bold and to say, to be 'unfuckwithable' – because once you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE who you are the outside world wields very little power over the empowered you.

Hi, I’m Kerry and I’m a feisty, fearless coach with 19 years of experience in transforming lives. My clients know me for my bravery in asking the uncomfortable question, my sense of humour and quick-witted ways I can release your deeper wisdom of who you truly are.

My clients are successful, smart, strong-minded women, who come to me to be held in a space where they get to speak their truth, and be held accountable.

I took my dream off the shelf and moved to the beach 16 years ago where I live with my two gorgeous boys, two crazy dogs and two cats who rule them all. A deep and simple life.

I designed DeKluttered® to take you on a journey of discovery,  through a weekly training programme, broken down into tangible outcomes.  Delivered LIVE by me, with access to me, as well as a supportive group.  These trainings will start you off in a new direction of how you will live your life. It's all about creating the life you have been searching for!

So let's see what you get and how it all works

Programme duration:

6 week Intensive starts
September 14th 2022

What you get:

Weekly LIVE Training
Weekly Q & A session
Journal prompts
Private Facebook Group

NEW TO '22
Hot Seat Group Coaching


£175 x 3
£111 x 5

EARLY BIRD OFFER.  This is currently available. 

This will be increasing to
£144 respectively

Here is what you'll experience...

Session One
Where you are is... where you are.

First off we need to stop you right in your busy tracks.  Often we are so busy we just do more and more, thinking this will work this time.  It won't.  We need to stop.  Take a good look at all the areas of your life.  So you can see what you have, and find gratitude for all you have created and what you are now ready to let go of.  It is vital we get the foundational work right before we start to even think about adding more to your busy life.  And we can't create in clutter.

Session Two
Clarity from Clutter

Yes we are going to do a week of getting a thorough understanding of what your clutter means to you.  The physical side of clutter is the easy part - just a tidy up.  It is what we make our 'stuff' mean that is important and in this week we discover that.  Asking you to get more and more honest with your life and what YOU want.  Rather than what you want to be seen as.

Session Three
Calm from Chaos

How do you keep that deep connection and love for you?  This week we talk honestly about how you show your love and support to yourself.  And how, when you get knocked off track with life, you can help yourself as soon as you can.  Kindness.  Love.  Affection in action.  So you can always find you.
Find your way back to you and feel...

Session Four
Daily habits and routines for your success.

How do you set up the routines or rituals of your day to ensure you 'win' every day?
The daily routines in life are what you might feel are the dull parts.
This is about to change!
This week covers how to set every day up so to make sure every day is the day of your dreams and how by discovering that routines and habits are your best friends in creating calm - you will be loving them too!
In small pockets life is wonderful and when you put them together, every day works just like you always wanted it to.

Session Five Confidence from confusion

When you know where you feel confident and where you don't you can find a map between the two.  Inner confidence is not about faking it.  It is an understanding of who you are and what makes 'you' feel confident.  It is a mix for you individually.  Being responsible for finding this for yourself is a discovery that results in feeling empowered and understanding that it isn't so complicated after all.

Session Six
What do you want to create?

Now you know all of the above, we will look at how you set up a strategy with all your pieces in place to create a life you love.  No more thinking that life is about luck.  Living an intentional life is all in your hands. Feeling empowered and responsible for how it happens and how to go with it.

How it all works...

A Weekly LIVE training

A dedicated training Monday Evening (8.00pm GMT).

This first hour is to deliver a live training to set up your week of learning and being open to a new way of living.

These are recorded and available the following day, so you can watch/listen at your leisure. I do advise for you to attend if you can live, as there is nothing like live energy. But, if you can't, you will not miss out. There will be a post to ask any questions in the group that will be followed up daily.

Questions and Answers

Following each training we follow up with a session specifically answer any questions about the training or what you are noticing on your journey.  If time permits there will be a coaching session with a 'hot seat' or two.

Journal prompts - taking you along the journey

Our thoughts become our beliefs, which in turn become habits... which form our daily routines. Each prompt is connected to the journey along the month, so you'll be writing about what you love, hate, want to lose...  every day it will feel more and more like talking to your best friend. The one who is looking out for you.

Private group – this is your safe space

The group is your sanctuary and where all the magic happens. It is also where you'll get daily support from me. I'll share files, videos and even impromptu live streams. It's for you to listen to your fellow masterminders too, and their experiences. You really do get out of it what you put in. Share a lot of you – and you will get it back.

Hot Seat Coaching

New to '22 is extra sessions during each week where you can experience group coaching calls with Kerry in the topic of the week.  These are a great way to really inbed your learning, as being in the room while watching a laser coaching session, is like reading four books for the price of one - you are learning all the time.  They work brilliantly in Business of You - our fabulous membership and we are excited to bring this element into DeKluttered this time.

There is so much that changes in just six weeks.

Every week we add a little more to make your life full of what you want and some 'power tools' to use daily, so you keep it that way. There will be no more worrying or overthinking about your ‘ifs' and ‘if onlys'. This programme is to clear out the thoughts that confuse you. And ensure that you can now act on them.

How will you feel after 'DeKluttered®'?

You will be feeling a strong sense of who you are now.  A revamped version of you.  With the wonderful bits being appreciated and liberated from the bits that are not.

What will you be able to create now?

You will feel more confident with your YES and just know what is a no for you.

How will this impact you?

In short, calm from the chaos, clarity from the cluttered mind and confidence where there was once confusion.

But in truth the possibilities are infinite.   As with any change programme, this is going to impact you in many ways, and as much as I can trust my process of over 20 years of change, I cannot foresee what it will be specifically for you.

This depends on where you start, what you want to put in and if you take action fast or you need to work it in slowly.  I do know it is like turning on a light, so even though you may want to take your time in the change.

There really is no going back.  Once you know, you know.

What’s holding you back from your dreams?