Work with me on a one-to-one basis - Kerry Hales - Life Coach

Work with me one-to-one

Each and every one of us deserves to be happy. Your time on this planet is all about making the most of who you are. When you lose the connection to who you are, it shows. You may be overachieving in lots of areas in your life and wonder why success isn't feeling how you imagined it would.

You might even feel demotivated, undervalued, lacking in confidence. These feelings may have built up over a period of time, potentially going unnoticed, but the energy and effort required to cover them over take their toll.

Where do you even start to look for the catalyst that can change all of this?

My job is to be insanely curious. I seek solutions to uncover that child underneath – it may just be that simple. I may need my internal 'warrior' to go where you need to go or just someone to laugh with you at how you serious your life has become. A life you no longer love.  In every conversation I have, the goal is for you to become reacquainted in who you really are and not what you ‘think’ you are.

No matter where you are there are, or how you want to work with me – I've designed something for you to access, with conversations to discover who you are underneath it all.

Coaching with me reconnects you with your potential.  Isnt it time you loved who you are and what you do?

Six month journey of transformation
Investment £4,000

Do you crave someone to just 'get you'?  For someone to look into your life and see inside with new eyes, to see what's really going on? To feel 'renewed'? A sense of making it 'work'?

My job is to get into your head, to ask the questions you may have been avoiding for years.  To really get under your skin.  I always starting with a two hour intensive.  To empty your can of worms.  To really spill it all - and look at the wonder of your life as it is.  And then we can really get to work.

By taking a good look around,  to appreciate what you LOVE about your life.  Clear away what isn't working for you, so you can get the clarity you need.  Then we can connect you with all the things that make your life work - for you.  What really is a magnificent life... for you?  What if, really, anything WERE possible and to find a way, your way, that you can start to create just that.

The last piece of our puzzle is to reallocate habits.  Every month we work to course correct or reframe old ones to make them work for you - to re-establish the confidence in you. That you know who you are, what is important and what isn't.  So you can continue to create more magic and enjoy your life NOW.

If you are a powerful soul who wants someone to sit with you. To open a space of trust and truth, so you can find the life you want.  It is possible.  I know that.  Are you ready for that journey?


  • One to one:  Two hour intial session and then every two weeks for an hour with Kerry
  • Email support
  • All sessions via Zoom

Declutter Your Head
Investment £600

This deep-dive session is an intense workout through your life.  It is an intervention intention.
This is not a conversation you will ever forget as it will shake up all you need.  So you can look at life differently, with a new found curiosity.  One that not only shifts old habits, but frees you from holding old stories captive - so they can stop you fulfilling life as you want to.

Pre-work will be sent, to bring forward any old patterns and habits you are unconscious of.  On the call we work through four areas of life; Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Surroundings, Money and Relationships.  A full work up of what is important to you.

These sessions are designed to go quickly to the root of what is holding you back and creating overwhelm.  They clear out what isn't working, connect you with what is.  The result is a renewed sense of who you are and what you now know you need to focus on now.

The results are magical.  These sessions are for those who want to look at change head on.  To be held a space of truth for you.  To give you the room to talk about what is really going on in your life and we will find a way through.

This session is all about solutions and finding our way there.

If you like results and you are an action taker - these sessions are for you.  To live an intentional life needs an intervention and this is THAT conversation.

Included in your package:

  • 2 hour session via Zoom
  • Pre work, to set up the session
  • 90 Day intention setting

Don't know what you need?

Then we have the solution for that too.  Book a 20 minute call and to chat with me, and we will find what option is best for you and the results you want to create.