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When life isn't working, we need to do something different

Change things up – today

Every day I talk to people – just like you – and we find 'solutions' to the 'problems' they have.  They are all different of course, but there are patterns and puzzles. We all want to ooze confidence, to know who we are and what we really, really want.  It's the getting there that frustrates us.  

So, we need to start with clarity. To build a clear picture of what that confident person looks like... who are they?  Once we have that vision, we can then strengthen our connection to who we are. These are the two magic solutions that generate the confident you, to go out there and be who you bloody well want to be! Or, as I like to say, to be 'unfuckwithable' – because once you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE who you are – the outside world wields very little power over the empowered you.

STSIAM is designed to take you on a journey through a weekly training programme, broken down into tangible outcomes.  Delivered LIVE by me, with access to me, as well as a supportive group.  So you can literally ask anything, at any time, during this intensive 31 day, and you'll get an answer. Why in a month? Well, why wait? I used to do this over ten weeks and what I learnt is that when you're ready for change, you want to start now and get it done  These trainings will start you off in a new direction of how you will live your life. It's all about creating the life you have been searching for! 

So let's see what you get and how it all works.

Programme duration:

31 days

What you get:

Private Facebook Group
Weekly LIVE training session via Zoom
Daily journal prompts


£349 or
two instalments of £185

Here is what you'll experience...

Private Facebook group – this is your safe space

The group is your sanctuary and where all the magic happens. It is also where you'll get daily support from me. I'll share files, videos and even impromptu live streams. It's for you to listen to your fellow masterminds too, and their experiences. You really do get out of it what you put in. Share a lot of you – and you will get it back.

A Weekly LIVE training session with me – via Zoom for your convenience

A two-hour long ‘themed’ call on a Monday Evening (8.00pm GMT).

The first hour is to deliver live training with powerpoint prompts and the second hour is for any questions you may have. There's also an opportunity for laser coaching, depending on timing.

These are recorded and available the following day, so you can watch/listen at your leisure. I do advise for you to attend if you can live, as there is nothing like live energy. But, if you can't, you will not miss out.  There will be a post to ask any questions in the group that will be followed up daily.

There are FIVE themed weeks:
Week One:  Benchmark Me – Where are we starting from? A gap analysis of your life.
Week Two:  Declutter – What do you love, what do you loathe?
Week Three:  Love ME!  Here we fall in love with who we are and learn how to support and soothe ourselves.
Week Four: Daily Doings – How to you set up your day for success.
Week Five:  You CAN do this.

Daily journal prompts

Our thoughts become our beliefs, which in turn become habits... which form our daily routines. Each prompt is connected to the journey along the month, so you'll be writing about what you love, hate, want, to lose...  every day it will feel more and more like talking to your best friend. The one who is looking out for you.

There is so much that changes in just 31 days.

Every week we add a little more to make your life full of what you want and some 'power tools' to use daily, so you keep it that way. There will be no more worrying or overthinking about your ‘ifs' and ‘if onlys'. This programme is to clear out the thoughts that confuse you. And ensure that you can now act on them.

What’s holding you back from your dreams?

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