“When I set up telephone sessions with Kerry I was working across three different jobs.  Two of them took up the majority of my week and the third took over my evenings and weekends, leaving me little time for anything else.  I thought this was a temporary measure, as I wanted to get a range of new experience and it just so happened that all three opportunities came along at the same time.  I was getting a bit

bogged down with managing my time

(which I was usually quite good at!) and beginning to wonder if I’d made a big mistake!

The conversations with Kerry were spread out enough for me to reflect on what we’d talked about and implement some changes before we spoke again.  After each discussion I knew what I needed to change or achieve and so I had a target to reach before speaking to her again.  She took eveything in bite sized chunks so that I wasn’t overwhelmed with things to think about, starting with combining my two crazy diaries into one!  We also talked about the other things in life that I wanted to make time for and how I could go about doing that.

I found that

Kerry had a clever way of letting me steer the conversation.

But it was always purposeful and ended up allowing me to contemplate things that I wouldn’t usually give the time to without feeling too pressured.  I would definitely recommend Kerry’s coaching style, it certainly had a positive effect on my situation, and I can happily say that since then I have just one job (most of the time!) and plenty of free time for the other things that I love, including a great man!”
Julie, Photographer