Speaking Engagement:

I invited the ladies to tell me what they had enjoyed about your talk.  They found you to be:

  • positive
  • charismatic
  • realistic – “it’s not all wonderful”
  • a speaker they enjoyed listening to and someone who does not take herself too seriously

They liked specificially the following things:

  • suggestion of setting the scene, e.g. when doing finances, puttting music on, getting yourself a cup of coffee
  • making things fun
  • sperating your week out: two days with the kids
  • not opening emails but planning your day first – being proactive not reactive
  • the use of structure
  • unsubscribe, don’t delete
  • know yourself
  • use your skills and gifts
  • the network of people you meet up with monthly

You were clearly a great hit!  So thank you once again!

For those curious about Springboard please do check out their website