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“Just so that you’re not under any illusions from the start… Kerry is a life changer. She is brilliant!

I had lost my identity years ago, but finally got it back and it’s because of Kerry (and me of course, but she definitely had something to do with it!) Kerry is there, discussing, motivating, changing, listening. There is just something about the way she is, the way she works with you, Kerry helped me to find me again and I love being me!

So here I was 6 months ago… self conscious, non confrontational, too scared to be me, scared of people judging me, not allowing myself to express myself, too controlling, holding back the things I’m good at, not even knowing what I was good at or if these things really and truly existed, never letting myself relax and have fun, not letting go and being creative with my strengths, letting my weaknesses eat me up, not letting my daughter be herself, bowing down to those I thought were higher up than me, not respecting myself, the list goes on, it’s so negative.

Yes, some of these negative things are actually part of me and that’s ok, but it’s learning how to feel good about the things I want to be and working on letting go of the things I don’t want to be.

She has a way of helping you figure it out for yourself, she’s got the knack (and a whole host of animated expressions to go with it!)

So after 6 months, I actually love myself and don’t feel selfish for it. My family have seen the difference, it’s a work in progress, but I’m excited to go forward now rather than analyse too much of the past. Everyone has it in them to be great, Kerry just helps you find it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Jules, Reflexologist


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