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“Kerry brought a natural ability for coaching and a very harmonious coaching style. She has a great sense of humor and lots of positive energy. She is very generous and I could feel her enthusing me from the other side of the planet! She created a safe, inviting environment and I always felt comfortable speaking about any topic. She was a great listener and I felt as if she would naturally manage to come with the right question at the right time. Compassionate when I was going through a hard time and honest enough to tell me when I once started to sound like a whiner. She was very good at opening my eyes to different perspective and she acknowledged me for every small step I took.  I found that all of the sessions were very inspiring and profitable. The first one was very powerful, as Kerry challenged me with some questions around my relationship with my husband, based on a comment I had made. There was another very powerful session around my family history that really helped me move forward.  Looking back at the whole process, the most important lesson for me was not so much being able to reach the goals I had set for myself, it was what I learned and realized about myself during and in between the coaching sessions with Kerry. She taught me to stop and breath, take life easier and enjoy the present.”
Karen, Coach, Chile

I feel happier in my own skin, feel a new respect and confidence in my skill set...


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Working with Kerry is like the brutal honesty of your daughter peering through a magnifying glass at...


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I didn't just get to declutter - I got to understand several of the deep & hidden...


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If you are looking for someone to be in your corner no matter what, Kerry is the...

Sarah P

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