“Kerry really deserves her name of “curious coach” for she gave the feeling to be very “curious” of human nature with the same openness of the scientists studying the habits of a remote tribe!… Her approach is all-embracing, all-encompassing, non-discriminative, non-dualistic and has the deep effect of facilitating integration, acceptance of our uniqueness, freedom…  But most of all, Kerry has been my “Fun” coach. Her last words were often: “Remember, have fun!” and whenever I started a “duty”, I reframed it recalling making fun of it…  Life became lighter!  She displayed compassion, understanding, absolutely non-judgmental qualities and the power, in one session, to guide me through acceptance at a deep level of my being. I felt it physically and it was very liberating: the days that followed were full of energy and synchronicities… I am very thankful to Kerry for that “reunification” of scattered parts of my deeper self…”
Sophie, Green Coach, France