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“Initially I decided to start life coaching because I felt like I didn’t have any real direction in my career or life. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I thought I was “stuck”. I was also going through a devastating breakup at the time. The coaching turned out to be nothing short of perfect and completely different to what I had imagined. I was feeling so unhappy with my life and presumed that the only answer was going to be either move house, change career, leave the country, find a new lover, or all of the above. Coaching gave me the time and space to really think about what was making me so unhappy and more importantly the time to express that unhappiness. Crying is a good thing it seems!  After only two sessions with Kerry I thankfully realised that it would be far more productive for me to let the change happen more organically, and not rush into anything. I have since started volunteering and am hunting for an allotment, and this has given me some long needed balance in my life. This may not sound like much but it was obviously what I needed because I am happier, stronger and satisfied. Kerry is a down to earth, no frills kind of coach and I would advise anyone to see her, no matter how big or small their dilemma”.
Cindie, Content Coordinator

I feel happier in my own skin, feel a new respect and confidence in my skill set...


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Working with Kerry is like the brutal honesty of your daughter peering through a magnifying glass at...


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I didn't just get to declutter - I got to understand several of the deep & hidden...


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If you are looking for someone to be in your corner no matter what, Kerry is the...

Sarah P

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