Before starting my sessions with Kerry

I was feeling like closed in a box.

I was not happy with my job and I was very confused about an out of the ordinary relationship I had. Kerry guided me to understand myself, (I have never realized I was such a moaner, now I am aware of when I am moaning and it is annoying to me too!) to be more 

conscious of what I want and to appreciate what I have.

What I have learned and I will always remember is that WE create the situations we are in and we are here to be happy.

I will not postpone my happiness.

After four sessions I feel more serene and at peace with myself. It’s a long process and I am sure I will have crisis again, but when those come, I will remember Kerry’s words and move on.  Thank you Kerry! I have learned a lot about myself and will now work on myself to improve my life.

Deborah Brunati, Teacher and Translator