Work with me

If you are to be a client of mine, you would most likely be at least one of the following…

You are frustrated.

Frustrated with life... know you can do more... but don't want to talk to anyone about it because your life looks great from the outside.  But underneath it all... under it... I know that feeling...

You are smart.

The conversations I have are about your life.  I will go wherever we need to go - for you to see that life is all about what it underneath the conversation.

You are keen.

If we are to work together I have a lot of enthusiasm for what I do - I will breathe that into you. But I can only do this if you are already taking breaths. It will take breathing first.

You have courage.

If you want to get your life moving in a direction you want - it is going to take you being brave and to trust.

You want no business being normal.

If you know you are different but are still trying to fit in it is going to hurt. I love people who want to embrace their uniqueness (weirdo's rock!) and the result is they end up loving themselves. They do.

I get to meet all kinds of people who have a quirky life. In fact, the quirkier the better! So if you are concerned that you will weird me out with what you love to do.... consider it null and void.

You're not sure what you want.

I find it. I do. It takes some puzzling together (I am at times courageous and sometimes darn right stupid) and learning to go where you may want to fight not to - but we will find it.  We will. And we will laugh at how mad it all is!

If you find you in the above...

If you would like to work with me, we will find a way that works for you.

There are three ways:

One to one - that's just me and you
In a group - there will be some focused time on you - and there will be others
Off the Shelf - brilliant packages that get sent direct to you.

Your choice...

Ways you can work with Kerry...