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Are you focused like an Eagle or a Magpie?

June 3, 2013

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Having been coaching for many years I can call myself an ‘experienced’ coach.  I love to coach clients from all kinds of backgrounds and with all kind of issues; low self confidence, life change, relationships, weight loss, parenting, finding a man… the list goes on and on.  What I have learnt is that  I can be a magpie about my ‘niche’ area – if it glitters I like it!  Ohhh yes I could do that.  So in the past I have concentrated on all of the above areas with some success.

Are you a Magpie and you didn’t know it?

So my post today is about where is your focus.  The Eagle is strategic and focuses solely on what he wants and swoops in on his prey.  The magpie is also focused but will redirect for something that is shiny and glitters – i.e. something new and sexy looking – or.. well… just shiny will do!

If you are looking for success and you know you can be distracted easily that is OK.  Yes I did say that is OK.  As long as you are conscious of the reasons for this;  there maybe reasons why you are looking at other things and that is very, very relevant to you.  If you are distracted and it is because you are fearful of pushing through to the next stage of your business, that is OK.  If you love new things and like to see what else is out there, that is OK.  If you get bored with concentrating on one thing, that is OK.

Surely not everything can be OK?!

It all is, if you are conscious of it.  If you know you can be easily distracted by something new, notice it, enjoy it and refocus using the energy you gained.  If you try to deny yourself these distractions you will add more energy to wanting them.  If you let yourself go and see – for the fun of it – the excitement will be utilised and also the need to look elsewhere will dissipate.

I am currently refocusing my branding and using these techniques and being aware of what I am distracted by and looking at the underlying reasons, will assist me in setting up a stronger framework for keeping myself accountable to my clients needs.

We all need structures that support who we are.  By noticing what knocks your off your path will allow you to be kinder to yourself.  By knowing that you are tempted by other things, it is vital that you don’t take this as a sign you are not interested.  It could be you just like shiny new things and if that is so, work with it, not against it!

‘Oh look – there’s a shiny new thing!’  I’ll be off!

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