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Is Cake Making You Fat?

June 11, 2012

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I know its a funny question but it starts off the ‘blame’ game many of those overweight have.  Some ‘thing’ or ‘one’ to blame.  It’s not my fault I’m…  ______!  I eat because I’m hungry, or because I’m bored, or I just can’t resist food.

Why is it that some of my clients, who although highly successful in many areas of their lives let things ‘slip’ when it comes to looking out for their bodies?  How is it that your body gets to take the blame?  Your body, the one thing that really helps you live your life, is treated with the utmost disrespect you can give it.

Q:  What are the current ingredients that ‘make’ you – i.e. your fuel?

Give this some thought.  I want you to think of your body as a machine and like a clear plastic outer layer – so you can see what’s going on from the outside.  Now start to fill it with  your ‘fuel’ for the day.  Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, tea and snack – or however you schedule your food intake.

Q:  Do you want to have energy, feel strong, healthy and able – in mind and body?

If the above answer is ‘Yes’ then the answer to the first question needs your attention.  Now!

Let’s go back to the cake analogy – if you were making the best cake in the world, would you source the best ingredients and then skimp on the flour and get ‘value’ and add cheap margarine?  If you take this personal belief mantra to heart…

How you do anything is how you do everything!

How would you make your cake and fuel you?  I want you to start to think about how it is you see your body and what it does for you.  It is a part of you – it isn’t separate.  It is your machine – your one and only F1 machine!

I would love to hear from you about what you do to support your body?  What would you would like to change?  How do you abuse you by what you put in your mouth?

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