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March Hare – Are You Racing Around?

March 8, 2012

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It’s the start of spring?  Or is it?  It’s freezing outside, but just think it is less than three weeks away untill we get to ‘spring’ the clocks forward and we get more sunlight!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams

When the spring starts we come out of our winter slumber with enthusiasm and get fresh ideas on how to ‘change’ this year.  This year ‘Im gonna do this and this…’ and then I’ll be able to do ‘this and this’ and…


Yup, I said it. Stop and check in with the mental list you are creating.  How long is it?  If by making a list it is a ‘To Do’ list that is going to be something you want to work through then continue.  However, when we have lots of different ideas on how we are going to change our lives, due to this fresh burst from ‘spring’ we can get carried away with ourselves.

Before you start making a list, make sure you know if this is an ‘Idea’ or a ‘To Do’.

Idea lists are as they say they are – there just to keep your creative ideas in a space.  They may never result in a product – never.  But the process of having them may create something along the way.  They may be a visual list (ohh try Pinterest – it is causing a stir) or a notepad or something you have on the wall.  Honour the creative side in you, there are no limits, no rules, no ‘Idea’ police.  Just you and what you like and who you are.

To Do lists can be lengthy and tiresome and a sure fire way to get you bogged down.  This does ‘slow’ you down but we want slow to be a focused slow, rather than a slow in trudge…  So decide what you want to create for March.  Start small, so we can get some momentum, we are looking for ‘easy’ wins.  EASY! (More on this with Mr Snail in next post) and only have those in your To Do.  Any others put on ‘Others’ – you may need them for next month.

So you have Ideas and To Do’s.  Enjoy the difference in them.  Ideas are here to get your creative juices going – they may never come to fruition but they will enthuse you, cajole you and indulge your creative juices.  To Do’s are what you do with them – they have an end in sight, a focus.  The difference between the two is vital; if you get caught in the putting your ideas on your To Do can lead to a very long list that never gets accomplished.

Give yourself permission to put away anything that is not this month.  Anything.  Enjoy March – it can be madness out there!

Have fun!

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  1. Lovely informative post, Kerry, very helpful. I’m a great one for getting carried away and coming up with loads of ideas but it’s my To Do list which creates results. Thanks for the reminder, Sally

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