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What if you only had a week to live – would you still keep your ‘To Do’ list?

April 16, 2012

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I know it is a trite thing to say, but living in the Western world we get to be greedy… a lot.  We can watch and eat what we like, and have the capacity to ‘do’ what we want with our lives.

But this doesn’t necessarily equate to us being proactive in doing what we want.  We get complacent with our lives.  We get ‘comfortable’.  Or as my outspoken mentor puts it:

“Shit stinks… but it’s warm…”

We all think we want more from life but when we get comfortable the level of our desperation lowers and we do… well… we don’t’.  We really don’t do anything.

Take a (virtual) look around and see where in your life you are ‘comfortable’ and therefore not in ‘action’ about changing it.  It isn’t what you really want, but… it’s ok for not challenging you too much about it.

The suggestion of ‘If You Only Had a Week to Live’ is to done specifically to  add some urgency to your life.  To add some get up and get going!  To potentially realise that this may be your last week here on earth and if that is the case do you really want to spend it doing something that just ‘passes the time of day’?

My goal is at times to get your riled.  To get you mad.  I want you to be mad, I do.  Mad is good!  As it means we are getting some response.  And to respond to your life is a brilliant way to live.

What would you like to create this week to make it a different one?  Email me and let me know!

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