May Birthday Madness!

May 01


Just a quick post to tell you about my crazy month I have planned.  In the midst of two bank holidays and a real holiday for me I have been set a quest!

My mother recently passed away and it makes you stop to think…

Am I doing enough to really LIVE?

striveAlthough I can wholeheartedly say YES I am.  I do feel that my business suffers at the expense of the rest of my life and more so over the past three years.  So I am going to rectify that by giving away 50 sessions FREE to anyone who wants to get on phone (skype) with me.

My passion is all about living your life to your fullest potential and to that end I wish no one to leave this earth with a wish still in them, without giving it a bloody good go!

So, my goal is to fill my busy books with 50 new people who can experience what it feels like to have someone fully on your side, demanding you to step up and claim that life you say you want, but never quite get around to it!

Here is the link!

Have fun!

Your Coach,


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