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Who sniffs out your Bull Sh*t?

April 27, 2015

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I am sorry to be so crass.  But I just had this great conversation with a fabulous Marketing Coach who allowed me to explore what I do for my clients.  This is an area where I have struggled in the past because I have such a diverse client base and I love the organic nature of my coaching…  yes sounds wonderful doesn’t it.  Add in my most precious value ‘integrity’ and you have a winning combination for a trickle of great clients. But we can’t live on trickles can we – well we can… but the reality is that I have a bigger vision – I have that for my clients – so I need that for me.

bullshitWho sniff’s out your story?

My story is above and it’s been a really good one.  But it is not serving me and it is not in alignment with my value.  The one I base a lot of what I coach upon.  So I am fessing up.  I believed my BS.  I did.  Was it serving me?  No.  Did I see it?  No.  Did I care?  Yes.  Did I need help in seeing it?  Yes.  Does it feel uncomfortable?  Hell yes!  Was it worth it?  I guess we are about to find out.

My story is about just that.  The stories we tell ourselves and anyone else who will listen.  We tell them so well we believe them.  They become our babies we have invested so much time and effort in keeping them close to us, adding a bit of drama here and there when we need a bit more attention or reason why we are not living the better life we crave…

Today that stops.  For today I have realised that what I do for others is a reflection of me.  I shall stop with the BS story of why I am not getting my business out there – sharing what I do more.  Do people need what I do? Yes.  Am I ready to get over my sh*t and go out there?  Yes.

Are you ready to drop your B/S?  Do you even know when you are, you are so engulfed by your own B/S that it may smell but hey! you can get used to anything after a while eh?


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