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What gets you through ‘tough’ days?

March 6, 2015

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I cannot say enough to take you to one side and live your life. My quest for everyone is make the most of your time here. My role in that is to get behind anyone who needs/wants me and support/cajole and at times scream at the top of my lungs that you are here to live YOUR life.

Sorry I had to start with a rant, considering it’s been a while. The reason, will be one of my reasons for getting my shit in order and getting on with getting out there… to share what I do with as many as I can, while I still can.

Why such drama? Hmmm… ok here goes. My mother is suffering. As all of your are either a daughter or a son, I am sure you may connect with this in some way. But there is nothing I have found worse in the world than to witness, I don’t mean read or watch, I mean witness, someone you know and love suffer. It sends waves of tremendous sadness through your system and you look at life very differently. From then on, nothing is the same.  I guess until this time, I hadn’t realised so much of our journey here is about living fully each and every section of it, because at any given moment – it can change.  And it does. And will continue to  – the laws of physics tell us so – nothing stays the same.

So through this stressful time, my father in law has been diagnosed with Dementia and my beloved Lil is leaving this land for further dog adventures elsewhere… So there is a lot of shit going down…

Anyway, life goes on eh. You have to get over your ‘stuff’ and go to work? And as I was in the midst of this I thought it was time to share my way (well just one… there is also meditation, starting(!) to train for my second triathlon, knitting and just being kind) of getting through it with you. In the hope that this may give you some way of getting on…

The only way I can do this, and by this I mean ‘typing this blog post’… is by inserting loud music that makes me happy. Very loud so the thoughts cannot be heard… My favourite at the moment is Adele…

It just takes away everything and leaves just ‘me’.  It is liberating just not hear anything but the music and my thoughts about what I need to write.

What is your list?  What do you do?

Please share with me.  I would really love to hear from you!

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