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Make sure your label is right!

Hello, Lesson 1 – Label yourself slow and you will become so. I had got into a pattern when walking to the start chatting to my fellow runners on my Parkrun on saturday (5k run)  I make fun of how slow I am and that I am most likely to be last.  Good creation there! My partner checked this with me,…read more →

Feb 17

I love Mahooosive goals. Do you?

Hello. Until very recently this was not my understanding of myself. It was when we were on our way to ‘jump’ in the sea for our ‘new year’ dip…  yes in the sea in the UK. Why?  Well my understanding was that it was a bit like walking on hot coals,in that if you can do that, the rest of…read more →

Feb 06

How Serious Are You about Having Fun?

Hello, I wonder at what age it is when life becomes very serious and we then need to stop having fun with it?  I was reminded this morning when I saw this lovely photo and it made me think… How much more fun would life be if you wore a tutu? My ask for you today is What can you…read more →

Apr 30

Kick Start Momentum – YOU Know Best

How Can It Be Easy? If you are ‘stuck’ and can’t see the way forward, start by asking ‘What would be the easiest thing to do?’  what is the simplest thing to do?  For some reason, we tend to follow a sequence that we ‘think’ we need to follow, and we follow it.  If we then become ‘stuck’ at a…read more →

Feb 27

Are you a Super Hero?

After a tiring morning at a playbarn with my little people last Friday, I returned to my car parked in an icy field.  Driving out I looked in my rear view mirror to see my pal stuck, wheels spinning!  So, of course I stopped and pushed her out.  Later that day my friend sent me this text:  J said ‘Why is…read more →

Feb 13

Are you a conscious or unconscious whiner?

If I could coach people on a  few top tips, this one would be at the top, it really would.  Why?  How how much time do you spend either verbally or mentally or whining about your life?  How much time would you free up, and you would then have the mental time and energy to achieve so much of your…read more →

Feb 02