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I love Mahooosive goals. Do you?

February 6, 2014

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Until very recently this was not my understanding of myself.

It was when we were on our way to ‘jump’ in the sea for our ‘new year’ dip…  yes in the sea in the UK.

Winter swimming
Thank you to www.amusingplanet.com

Why?  Well my understanding was that it was a bit like walking on hot coals,in that if you can do that, the rest of the year is looking easy in comparison!  Oh my it was so cold.  I know.  I know!  How could it not be, but this is a new kind of cold to me. I ran in watching my partner and our crazy friend Emily swim…  I wasn’t about to swim so got in, turned around threw myself backwards and dunked!  Yes I dunked.  I am very proud of this, as it was only when we all ran out screaming that I realised this was not what everyone else did.  Interesting that I had decided this was what we had to do for our ‘dip’.  So there I stood freezing and dripping from head to toe.  It. was. brilliant!  Madness but exhilarating.  Crazy but oh so much fun!  It is now in the calendar for next year…

Another realisation I had is that I like to sign up to things that I don’t know enough about.  If I know too much my mind will engage and I will ‘talk’  myself out of it.  I am best not knowing and then I can just get on with it.  The dawning realisation can be overwhelming, but I now know myself well enough that if I commit to something I always follow through. Kerry ‘Tenacity’ Hales that’s me!

So in my goal setting I realised that they need to be scary.

What do your goals need to look like to make you want to do them?

What have your achievements looked like? What kind of goals do you like to pursue?  Big? Small? Scary? Fun? What are the elements that you need to include to make them more accessible and ultimately doable!

Share with me!  I would love to know.

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