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Why I am blogging…

November 23, 2017


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Why is not a question I spend much time on in my business.  Finding a why is as much help in most incidences as searching for a memory to support your current reasoning… but as this was a task set – and there are times when I do feel like following orders… not often… but this sounded like fun.

I met up with a group of local business folk to talk ‘blogging’ and ‘why’ we do it and to support each other in ‘doing it’ more.

So why am ‘I’ ‘doing it’?

This blog is about me.  The person behind the business.  The woman who has days where being a human is tough and yet there is always a lesson to be found and progress to be made.  Development, solutions and confidence are part of my DNA as well as who I am now and what I aspire to be.  So my ‘every day’ is all about loving me from the inside and searching for joy each day while I am on the planet.

Every day there are always lessons to be learnt…

Yesterday I went into my hairdressers and came out with a two coloured buzz cut with a tramline!  See video for my live… to put this in context a little…  I shaved my head for charity a few months back and I am LOVING the freedom it has given me… but I thought it would be fun to go a few colours…  and here I am a 48 year old with a tramline…  and I LOVE IT.  My sons looked straight past me at the school gates and I love that too.  It made me smile and it makes a lot of others smile. Possibly in ways where I think it they may find it crazy but I like to think it liberates us all from the mundane in life.

And for that I am all in.  Never have I aspired to live a mundane life.  Simple, yes.  But every day in terms of sanity… nope. never.  nada. Not going to happen.

So today. My ‘share’ is go on live a little.  Stand out.  Be proud to be you.  Show off!  You’re an adult now and showing off isnt allowed when you are eight years old… but when you spend your life trying not to be seen as a show off…  we dull ourselves down and hide… and become a middly person…  and I say f*ck that!

Go be you!

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