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Are you ‘killing time’?

September 20, 2017


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Where do you ‘spend’ your days? Are you ‘killing time’ till you get to do what you really want to do?

Do you even know what you REALLY want to be doing or just that you know this IS NOT it?

Do you think it will come to you when it is ready?  Or perhaps you are ready because this message is resonating with you and you know you don’t want to talk to me.

I mean you really don’t want to talk to me or any other coach.  Why?  Because you have already planned and packaged and invested a lot of your life doing what you do and… well… there is a LOT at stake here Kerry!

And that’s all cool.  If you are happy through to your bones with your life and you love what you do or the results of what you do, more than discovering what lies beneath… then this message isn’t for you.

But it is for you if you are tired and you know what is coming… and what is coming is not exciting you.  Your day is not starting with any enthusiasm and you know that although the holiday is coming and the new distraction is going to be great – as soon as it is done, you are searching for the next one… or even and most likely before that.

Anyway.  Just in case this is you.  I am here.  Ready to take on that conversation where you get to talk and be real.  Or I get to ask the questions where you get to feel the REAL you.  It may be a while since you have been acquainted.

As you were.

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