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When your Affirmations Password goes awry…

August 17, 2017

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So here’s a funny story for you.  Over the past few months I have been increasing my self love practices and I decided to change my passwords with some personal affirmations to include ‘I Love you’. So I am reminded every time I unlock my phone or computer to tell myself something lovely about me and to remind myself to love me a little more.

This has been a huge undertaking for me.

As part of growing up we were not showered with love, as I came from one parent who was orphaned at ten and another who grew up in the tough East End of London with a mother who had three jobs to make ends meet.  So my upbringing came from two parents who did not have it easy at all and consequently I had their lessons mixed into how they wanted to do things differently or because they had it hard, they thought this was the best way.

The result in me was never to give myself a kind word.  Ever.  Just get on with it was our family motto.

Back to the funny side of my story of affirmations…  Last week we had a friend over with his wife and children who are not the kind of people who are akin with affirmations or manifestation…  they are lovely friends but not of the same understanding as my partner and I.  So when my man wanted to show one of them a photo on my phone he asked me in front of everybody… ‘what’s your password babe?’

OH NO!  

All I can say is that when you set your password, just have a thought about when you may need to retell it to someone and it may need some explaining…

My ‘I love you’ and my birth year sounded like a great way for me to make it mine… but when you say ILOVEYOU69… out loud you rethink that the good idea now doesn’t seem as such…

Enjoy your affirmations!

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