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Have you written off ‘me’ time in the school holidays?

July 31, 2017


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It is the summer here in the UK and this usually means I am swapping time with my man and we get through with each of us doing a few days and then spending the time together.  I guess that is the brilliance of having your own business.  It is a given that this reduces our hours but it works and then the boys get to spend time with us both and we all enjoy ourselves…

That was the plan.

But then life changes.  As it usually does with being a parent and you get to be the person who is now FULL TIME mum as your partner is away working for the previous six weeks and mostly like all of the summer.

Bugger the plans.
Bugger where is MY TIME.
Bugger where did my sanity go?

So, if you are like me and you are trying to run your own business as well as having children and enjoying them this can be the ultimate challenge in time management and also sanity management.  I am one week in and yesterday I took to alcohol and that is a BIG FLAG for me.  I coach on balance FFS.  See I am even using capitals all over the place.  This is how stressed I was…

I was ‘trying’ so hard that I failed.  I just couldnt do it all and I thought I could be this superhuman being but when I realised when I told my boys how much I loved them before bed last night…  I was honest and said I had put them in a sports club for the whole day today to readdress the balance.  To enable me to be a better mum I had to allow for them to be somewhere else.

I also reconnected with my Miracle Morning to ensure I get my time first thing.  I have been doing my MM for over two years now and am usually up at 5am daily – yes every day – and this has allowed me to do many things.  I get to be calm (I meditate and this reminds me that one thought does not make the rest of my day) but what I realised was that this habit – my healthy habit which I coach others on doing had gone.  GONE!  But thankfully taking this day made me realise what I need to do to invest in me and where I can find the time.

Where had MY routine gone?

The boys routine had gone and so had mine with it.  Bedtime routines were kind of religious in my house when the boys were younger as these allowed me to be coach in the evenings.  Thankfully I have grown my business in alignment with how I love to work at my best and this means that evening times are mine now and I go to bed early.  I am in bed by 9.30 and asleep by 10pm.  this means I get my seven hours before I get up for my time.

What is your routine?  If you, like me, found yourself eating more unhealthy foods, drinking more alcohol (I dont drink to relax…) and hitting the snooze button more each day. Please don’t write off your holidays.  Start a habit for you today.  Half an hour before everyone gets up will do it.  Read The Miracle Morning and see what you can change to get ‘you’ higher up the chain of importance in the holidays!

Happy Holiday!

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