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Decluttering and Me…

November 27, 2017


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This last week I have been mostly sorting out the ‘back office’ of my new declutter challenge.  The irony of the ‘clutter’ in my day attaching one ‘system’ to another, and then realising I had left off a very important part… the payment…  made me chuckle and cringe in equal parts.

Isn’t decluttering about simplifying…

The process of decluttering is about simplifying your life.  Clearing away the clutter, to seek what you want in your life now.  Being the person who you are today; with a focus on the person who sits here today.  Not the one with the ‘stuff from yesteryears’ to prove you are the person you are.  There are many ways to declutter and some amazing books available to help.  This is on of my favourites on the subject and is called Stuffication.  However the more famous declutter is Marie Kondo and she has many books on the subject.

Why do a challenge?

I love doing challenges.  I think it stems back to my project manage past and implementing pilot schemes with people – when it is a pilot it feels that it is more adoptive. And I used to get past people’s considerations with ‘it is only a week and if you do not like it we can discuss something else…’  Boy I was sooo good…

I can do this… it is only a week after all…

I found that many are prepared to ‘give it a try’ and this lends itself magically to a challenge.  And let’s be clear, this declutter challenge is also a work around.  Focusing on the physical takes off the focus on the change of mindset.  We can talk about patterns through the focus on how many cups we really need… or the excess we have and what it covers.  But indirectly we are talking mindset…

When we get into a swing, in week two, it becomes so much more than a challenge but a way of looking at life.  And this is when I get tingles.  This is when people really start to embrace the magic of clarity in their life and what it is to feel the ‘less is more’ philosophy.

If you would like to get involved in this challenge I would love to have you with us.  Here is the link we start on Friday December 1st.  And I am also running a competition if you would like to win a two hour VIP session with me – then get sharing, liking and tagging people on facebook!  Here is the link from my facebook page for you to share – if you want to be in it to win it of course.

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