I was hiding and didn’t realise…

Dec 7, 2017

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It is funny when you see something from a different perspective and for the first time you see your life completely differently.  And from then on you can’t unsee what you have now know to be true.

Life change comes from everywhere…

So as you know, I have been running a declutter challenge this month – it is still day seven you can easily join in – and I am, of course loving all the interaction in my group.  It allows me to coach and support the mindset change that a ‘challenge’ does.  I have permission to do what I love.
BUT I was hiding…

Yesterday when I was working with a client – the winner of my competition, the fabulous Nicola Lutz Collier from No Fluff Training and after our two hour session where we discussed business and who we are within it… she gave me some feedback about my challenge that stopped my world. It is funny how as a coach I do this all the time, but when it happens to me it still excites me – I really get off on the reframe or the reflection that allows a new perspective…  call me weird… I am more than ok with that…

So, back to the story…  she said you need to put the coaching element first in the challenge – because you are underselling what they are getting…

OH MY!  shut the door… slap me sideways… this was me hiding.

And I hadn’t realised it till then… it was uncomfortable to be seen to do this, but I am sharing because we are all learning.  In fact I believe it is when we stop learning that we die inside… just ask me about it and we won’t come up for breath…  But in that moment of realisation I was given permission, by myself, to stop the performance and say what I do even louder, prouder and with more focus.

Because if I can’t do that I can’t ask others to do that.

So I am asking you.  Where are you hiding?  What conversation do you need to have to be reminded that you are playing small…  and as one of my favourite poems has that exact line in it by Marianne Williamson…

Your playing small does not serve the world…

I am asking you… if you know you are playing small and you know it…  let’s talk...

Your coach,


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