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5 ways to get you into your groove for 2018

January 5, 2018


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Happy New Year to you all.  It feels like this was a long time away for me this year – my children had an extra long holiday and I therefore took time away from you to reconnect with my family and business.  Some parts worked and some did not.  In fact towards the end we all did get stir crazy and this resulted in purchasing a scaletrix in the sales!  But I digress. This post is not about how in all the madness of the ‘change your life it is 2018’ you can get through it while making yourself right.  Yes.  It is all ok and yes you will get through 2018 and you may or may not create a life of magnificence externally…  but what you can do it start with you.  And that is where I am going to take you today.  Deep in you.  Being you.  Loving you.

What?  LOVE ME?  Are you sure?

Yes I am.  Because no matter what you want to change in your life, it will always come from within you. From the inside.  From your thoughts become your actions… and therefore we need to talk about you.  You who underneath all the exterior ‘stuff’ is just a creature just wanting to experience life on this planet doing what they love to do.  All the rest of the ‘stuff’ is just that. So in the ‘spirit’ of connecting with your inner self and loving them… this post is all about just that.  Five signifiers, if you will that could start you on a journey of loving who you are and sharing that with the world…

And as there are five senses we are going to work along each of them – so you can easily remember them after this post has gone from your memory – the function will not.  Walking through your senses to see whether you are loving or loathing them is a great barometer in ascertaining your self worth. Here we go…  And remember, stay curious at all times – there may be one or more of your senses that you are more impacted by.  Nothing to be ‘done’ about this but to notice and see what you would to create.

Let’s walk you through how you can enjoy your senses more…

  1. Smell
    What are you inhaling into your life?  Is it health?  Are you even conscious of the way in which you are impacted by smells.  What would you like to smell more of?  And how can you make that happen more?

  2. Hear
    What noises do you love to hear?  Natural or manufactured.  Both are relevant of course.  I would like you to just write out what sounds you like to hear and look at the list.  How can you get more of these into your life? More for you to love about being here and alive.  This is a great way to get to enjoy situations more – as sound can be a great partner to other situations.   So please remember to experiment.  Take activities to the sounds or vice versa.

  3. Taste
    What do you love to eat.  And of course we are all libel to eating more sugar over the holidays but when I ask this – think vibration and who you want to be.  What would your body love to have to make it nourished?  Start there without your mind butting in.  Look at what you know you body wants and write it down.

  4. See
    What do you surround yourself with?  What views do you give your eyes to feast upon?  I mean the ‘everyday’ life views.  Have a look around at where you spend your time.  Not the pieces of art that are the cream on the top.  But if the top is of a pile of shtuff just get conscious of it.  What are you ‘overlooking’ everyday.  Surrounding yourself with calm, will result in such.  Surrounding yourself with chaos can also do the same…  there’s a theme here…
  5. Touch
    How much of you touches anything.  The clothes we wear and we wash ourselves.  But how conscious are you of the touch we allow into our lives.  What if you had to massage a different part of your body every day for a week, after the shower, just to reconnect you with that part of you.  Just to see where we hold tension in our body and see, if by just feeling it and connecting with parts of ourselves we usually just oversee, what could we bring into our consciousness that may just breathe new life into ours.  I find it quite amazing that if you asked most people if they love massage, most answer yes and that they would like more of them but then list the reasons why they do not have them.  So I would like you to take this on as a project to see how by massaging you we can enthuse our body and mind connection.

So there you have it.  The five senses reconnection.  I wonder how different you could feel when you reconnect with you and your sensual being?

Till next time, I wish you a wonderful 2018!

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