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What gets you through ‘tough’ days?

Hello. I cannot say enough to take you to one side and live your life. My quest for everyone is make the most of your time here. My role in that is to get behind anyone who needs/wants me and support/cajole and at times scream at the top of my lungs that you are here to live YOUR life. Sorry…read more →

Mar 06

Delaying your Gratification = SUCCESS!

Hello. Wow.  Following on from our Cake discussion, I am attracting food analogies.  Here is a short video that shows how delayed gratification as a child has an impact on your success – in terms of happiness and career goals. Watch this short video and start thinking what could you delay to get you in the mode of success? Please…read more →

Jun 12

Kick Start Momentum – YOU Know Best

How Can It Be Easy? If you are ‘stuck’ and can’t see the way forward, start by asking ‘What would be the easiest thing to do?’  what is the simplest thing to do?  For some reason, we tend to follow a sequence that we ‘think’ we need to follow, and we follow it.  If we then become ‘stuck’ at a…read more →

Feb 27

Are You Searching For Momentum In Your Life?

Momentum.  What does that mean to you?  What would it look like?  How would it feel?  Taste?  Sound?  (Oh as we are on a senses theme) smell?  I ask this as it would be very different for all of us – yet we search for the ‘one size fits all’ remedy. Momentum to me? Means being on track with life…read more →

Feb 20