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Are You Searching For Momentum In Your Life?

February 20, 2012

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Whose boots do you fill?

Momentum.  What does that mean to you?  What would it look like?  How would it feel?  Taste?  Sound?  (Oh as we are on a senses theme) smell?  I ask this as it would be very different for all of us – yet we search for the ‘one size fits all’ remedy. Momentum to me? Means being on track with life and finding easy ways forward.  Finding solutions and synchronous events happening; you are attracting what you want in your life with ease.

Let me ask another question? (Yes I know with a question…) what would success look like?  hmmm…  it’s a tough one eh.  But if I added What Would Success Look like to YOU?  it gets you in line with the answer I am searching for.  I want something for you, I don’t care what anyone else wants.  Just you.

To get your ‘momentum’ kick started, I want to initially make sure we are on ‘your’ track – that we are filling your boots?  Are we chasing your dreams or someone else’s?

How will I know if the ‘boots’ are mine?
This is a great question.  I am often told as a coach what my clients want, only to unearth a very different desire. If what you really want has an authentic resonance with you; we will find momentum very easily.  If, however, it is done through rote, and not from a curious space, it will leave you without passion – only resentment that you are not getting what you want, but forcing yourself forward.  This takes a lot of energy and not a lot of fun… Could you be tired and not having much fun?

My goal for you today is to stop your world for a bit.  Five minutes will do, and check to see ‘Is this what I want?  Or is this something I inherited, something I saw made others happy and therefore I wanted it for them.

I am asking you.  Look now and see… are they your boots you are filling?

I will be back later this week to talk more on ‘Easy Ways to Get in momentum!’

4 thoughts on “Are You Searching For Momentum In Your Life?”

  1. Hugs Kerry..a valuable exercise –stopping > pause >tune in and see what I really wnat. so easy to constantly be on the go and never stop to see if what we are doing is in alignment. Thanks for sharing. Looking fwd to next instalment.

    1. Hi Nathu,
      We all move so fast don’t we. Yoga assists in getting in a space of calm – something your clients get to a lot of the time! They don’t know how lucky they are!

  2. Nice exercise Kerry…..I think the other half to momentum, once we’ve identified our goals and started working towards them with the end in mind, is to find away of offloading the baggage of the past and present which can sometimes act as quicksand and stop us moving forward….guess that’s your next installment for us x

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thank you for popping by my blog! Offloading! This is one of the first lessons I give my clients – how to recognise it and then let it go. Baggage. Oh baggage. So many instalments there! Past baggage needs to be addressed before addressing momentum. There is no point in discussing what you want if you are looking behind you. A question to qualify this would be ‘are you ready to let it go? and see where that leads you…

      So many questions – you got me writing blog after blog – Thank You 🙂

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