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Easy Ways to Get in Momentum!

February 23, 2012

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Lets try a list today…  I love lists but I also love mind maps…  So if you prefer a mind map – feel free to map away, get your colours out… or not.  Or any other way in which you get in touch with your creative side… remember this is all about YOU.

Take yourself to a inviting space

1.  Get Ready
Create a space where you are ready to make a list.  I mean be satiated.  If you sit while you are hungry, thirsty, tired or about to rush out the door… forget it.  (Start with a mental list instead.)  Sit only when you are ready to take some time for you, time invested in you; then sit and start your list.  All we want for your first session is to start.  Once you are consciously looking for things that you can add to your list this will happen organically.  But to start we need to force the issue, just a bit.

2.  Start your list
Make a list of all the things you love to do.  All the things that are fun for you, things that when you do them time ceases to exist, life becomes a blur, you wonder where you are or what the time is…

3.  ‘Police’ Your List
Now remember this is your list, no one is going to say ‘Oh you cant put that down’ or ‘you do that for fun?!’  There are no ‘list police’ here. Anything goes.  Anything! What you want, goes on your list.  Own it, love it, cherish it.

3. It is a living thing…
It will change.  It is not static – are you?  No.  So you have permission to change this at any point; you can add or take away any item, at any time.  Be it a song, a poem, knitting, running, photographing, zenning, watching a specific TV programme, hiring a movie, going to the movies are a few examples.  Some more odd things could be…  zenning your office and screwing up each piece of paper no longer required and throwing it behind you (one of mine), washing the car, cleaning the drain (my mother loves to do this… go figure…)

4.  What needs to be in place
Add timing, locality, costs – so you can choose something that is immediate or do you need to plan?  What needs to be in place for you to do whatever is on your list.  Try to create a list that has many options, some easy wins and some that you need to plant the seeds of fruition.

If you are stuck and searching for a way forward, use your list and get the attention off of what you are doing and have fun.  By pressurising yourself into going forward it is going to take energy and a longer time.  Go have fun and come back to your problem later and then see what happens.

I assure you it will have shifted and you will miraculously see a new way forward.

Next Post we will talk more on ‘Kick Start Momentun – YOU Know Best’ 

5 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Get in Momentum!”

  1. Thanks for this helpful blog Kerry. What a lovely picture, makes me want to go straight to the beach which is the ideal place of course to make a list in my opinion!! As it happens I spent yesterday afternoon mind mapping with a friend and this was extremely helpful and clarified my thinking for me. I shall make it more of a habit in future – down at the beach of course!

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