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Kick Start Momentum – YOU Know Best

February 27, 2012

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How Can It Be Easy?

If you are ‘stuck’ and can’t see the way forward, start by asking ‘What would be the easiest thing to do?’  what is the simplest thing to do?  For some reason, we tend to follow a sequence that we ‘think’ we need to follow, and we follow it.  If we then become ‘stuck’ at a certain part of our plan, we think we can’t go further until we solve the pressing part of our plan.

My suggestion is to forget the plan – throw it in the air and see what lands first and what bit would be fun to do – start there.  An example for you is:  a client of mine was writing her book.  She was very frustrated and was ‘stuck’.  What came to light was she had many ideas for the second chapter but couldnt write the first chapter and therefore felt that she couldnt continue with her book. It was only when I gave her permission to write the second chapter first, allowed her to get back into momentum and the call ended there.

So a very simple way to get you moving is to look for the ‘easy’ in life.  We are very good at looking for the hard way and there are no prizes for doing it the hard way.  Just ones for getting there.

Lets get you there with ease.

6 thoughts on “Kick Start Momentum – YOU Know Best”

  1. Very good thinking Kerry! Yes so easy to look at what’s stopping us moving forward. I like that….operating with ease. * And breathe * And we love being given permission. Good work. X

  2. I love that expression “forget the plan and throw it into the air”…how liberating is that! Great post and I am looking forward to next month’s making re simplifying…anything to do with decluttering suits me fine. Thx

    1. I often ‘throw it in the air’! I like the chaos it gives… and then I make it neat again… madness and neatness… it one way of doing it. All that matters is that it is FUN. I shall ensure I add some decluttering to the March Madness just for you…

  3. This is where you come into your own. It’s so easy to get bogged down where you can’t see the wood for the trees. A chat with you and chances are, any blockages will clear.
    Short and sweet too, which made it so easy to understand.

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