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5 Things Wot I Love about Working for Myself

March 1, 2012

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Over the past month, as you know dear reader, I have been blogging alongside some very special people, all of which are inspiring and creative as well as business entrepreneurs.  I am humbled to be alongside them – it really is an awesome group.  I have been very lucky and grateful to have been part of it.

New Blog has been born!
As part of the learning from our group, a new blog was born; delivered by our fearsome, yet friendly leaders Marion and Judith.  As part of their parting gift to our group we have been tasked to tell you a little more about ourselves and add in what is known as a ‘trackback’.  Which allows you to go around and see all of the blogs with the same title…  To be honest I am not sure what it does, but it sounds like fun… so as usual ‘Count Me In!”

So here they are:

1.  My boss is the biggest b*tch I know!
I know that no one one will push me harder, challenge me further, ask me to play full out or tell me that ‘I want more’ than me.  She works all day… and night.  Has no tolerance when I am sick.  Will compare me to everyone else’s success and rarely tells me I am good at what I do. BUT.  I love her.  She supports me for being who I am and do what I do – how can I not.

2.  I get to do what I want, when I want.
Having just met up with some old ‘work’ colleagues for lunch, I can say that I get to do what I want when I want.  I walked my dog to the restaurant (as this was the most fun thing to do on a gorgeous spring day) and I walked back enjoying the view of the beach.  If I was still employed I would be moaning like them and pretending to feel guilty about being a little late for enjoying the sunshine and rushing back to an office nearly full of people who don’t want to be there.
I walked away with a friend of mine and when I knew they were out of earshot I lept in the air and shouted ‘Thank F**k I don’t work for them anymore!’  It did shock a few passers by; but for me it was the realisation that I may struggle at times, but I can at least be me.  Truly me.

My Life.

3.  I get to be a better mum.
I can raise my children by ‘doing’ rather than ‘telling’ them to do what they love – because I do.  I coach people to be true to themselves – I absolutely love what I do – now.  I get to create my existence and I am teaching my boys to do the same and that I am grateful for.

4. I Make it up as I go along…
I love that I can create what I want and how I want it.  If I decide that I want to do a workshop I can do it.  If I decide that I want to create a new programme; I can do it.  If I decide to take the day off to enjoy the sunshine and work when its cold; I can do it.  I love the flexibility that working for myself gives me.  It can, of course be overwhelming when you are the creator of it all, but now I have that responsibility I’ll be darned to give it back!

5.  I am me now.
For a large part of my ’employed’ life I had to fit in.  I had to ‘toe’ the political line.  I couldn’t say what I wanted, as not to offend anyone.  When you are an outspoken person like me, this takes a lot of energy and focus – believe me!  Don’t get me wrong I loved working in the NHS and for most of my jobs I enjoyed what I did; I just didn’t like that I had to be a certain way to do it.  Now I get to be me, every day and as such I am learning more with every encounter I have.  It isn’t always easy, but at least I can say what I think now without thinking ‘oh I cant say that she’s my boss and she can make my life hell’.  I know my boss and although she is a tough cookie, one things for sure, she appreciates me more each day.

Thank you my lovely blogging pals.  To say its been emotional would be a crazy thing… but it has – high’s (getting my first comment), lows (not being able to embed a video… argh) and the rollercoaster of hundreds of emails.  I have loved the intensity of this challenge and how much I have learnt is just awesome.  I said Yes to two things new last month and it has been rewarded to me tenfold.  Thank you.

…and you can read the original post at Entrepreneur Soul here.  I know you will enjoy it.

11 thoughts on “5 Things Wot I Love about Working for Myself”

  1. Kerry, I loved this post, you sound like you are ‘in your element’, enjoying the work you do and the lifestyle it embraces.

    I particularly like today’s pic, big little boy with a bit of swagger, leading the way, having fun with pops, and the little one toddling up the rear!

    Particularly like that you get to be a better mum and are YOU! Who better to be?

    1. Marion,
      Thank you our technical guru. You are not only gifted at what you do, you do it in such a soothing way – it makes it easy to learn with you there. Thank you!

  2. Kerry

    Perhaps your best post of the whole month is your last. And that’s entirely as it should be. What did I like especially about this one? Your authentic voice. Lots more of the same please as you go on your merry blogging way!
    Keep on truckin’

    1. Judith, Oh Judith,
      From the beginning that is what I wanted to create. A better understanding of me and what I give to my clients. I thank both you and Marion for this gift that is Better Bloggers. I shall be a frequent visitor of http://www.entrepreursoul.com that’s for sure!

  3. Kerry what a wonderful post. You are truly gifted with the writing skills. I’m looking forward to reading more – I’m hooked as they say. x

  4. Brilliant Kerry! I agree this is your best post yet. The ‘true you’ shining through. It has been an absolute roller coaster. A wonderful ride. Brilliant you get to be more YOU. You’re incredibly courageous. Rock on gorgeous girl!! X

    1. Thank you Alison. I saw that on your post – I love that I feel connected to our BB’s through those posts. It gives me some insight into what others go through to follow this crazy world on entrepreneurs – because we are all delightfully crazy!

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