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Are you lonely being you?

June 19, 2014

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First up.  I am training to do my first triathlon.  This was my way of getting myself fit.  The reason being that if I were to do a triathlon I would need to train… I know just bear with me here…  and if I trained I would be fit and this would get me a fit body ready for turning 45.  Hmmm…  go figure.  So I had my big assed goal – or my not so big assed goal and I was ready.  Because it was 15 weeks away. Now it is less than five weeks away and to be truthful I am pretty sick at the thought of it.

I have been unaware of my way of living.  I like company.  I thrive on it and it keeps me focused.  I even take the dog running – that is how much I like company.  So when I realised that my training regime was around other people I had to stop and think.

Why do I not hang out in my own company?

So there I pondered for some weeks.  Until I realised that I had to get over myself and get on with training – on my own.  It has been a painful experience.  Physically and mentally.  I can now go for a run on my own – the first time two weeks ago and again I congratulated myself – another win for me.

So my question that came up for you, is this…

What do you do just so you can have company?

What would it take for you to do it on your own! (you don’t need to sign up for a triathlon to find this btw!)

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