What is your gamechanger?

Mar 19, 2014

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I was listening to Radio 4 today – I think it could have been women’s hour and they were discussing the new ‘Gamechanger of the Year’ and it made me think.  What is a game changer for you and your life?  What would it be?

Are you looking for a game changer?

I listened to the three very well educated women talk about being a judge of this award and it got me thinking.  I change lives.  It is what I do.  I know I need to do more of it; share myself more to create more change in the world where it is needed.  But what else could I do with my skills?

They talked about Doreen Larewnce (Stephen Lawrence mother) who has become, through tragic circumstance, a game changer unwittingly.

So I wonder, what would it be for you?  For me I know I empower people to strive for more.  I am very logical in my thoughts, it has to make sense ‘to me’ before I can do anything, but I get concepts very quickly – so my clients are never far ahead of me.  I keep up pretty well and if not it only takes one more question for me to get there.

I am intrigued by the ‘game changer’ handle.  It feels very much available to us all, not matter if you come from a privilidged background or not.  You can change lives.  In so many ways.

What do you do that changes lives – you are a game changer!  Now you know enjoy it!

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