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Best Laid Plans and all that!

April 24, 2012

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Today was different and I loved it.

Our car broke. Argh! It’s nothing too serious but my partner told me ‘not to drive it till it is fixed’. I had plans to use it and I also had plans to pick up my boys later. Then there were plans to drop them off again the following day and then my week’s plans went out of the window.

New plans were needed. Keeping present is a wonderful gift when these things happen.

My new plans have shown me that even though your life may feel ‘sorted’ in how it all fits together – when it comes to it – new plans can work just as well or possibly better!

This morning I got up earlier to get the boys ready for our ‘trip’ to the nursery on the bus! The time I had to now spend on public transport would be creeping into my workout time, so I decided to brave my public image and wear my running gear and then run home. This was a marvel to me – for 80p I had the best ride chatting to my little men all the way on the bus. To put this into perspective, I would usually be in the front of the car and they are in the back, so although we do talk I am concentrating on many things as well as them. The bus drive allowed me to talk to my boys and it was just wonderful. So not only did I get my workout but best of all I spent time listening (“stop talking now please mummy!”) to the crazy tales of a three year old. It started my day brilliantly.

My day unfolded nothing like I expected and surprisingly it turned out great!

My reason for telling you? When plans change unexpectedly how much do you ‘go with the flow’ or ‘do you get side swiped?’

Kerry, Your Coach

1 thought on “Best Laid Plans and all that!”

  1. Isn’t it great when life throws everything out of kilter and you get to experience something new. I bet your little men loved their ride on the bus too.

    In the same vein I love meeting up with friends who help me see and enjoy life from a different perspective too. I really enjoyed this post thank you – Jan x

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