I LOVE my masterminders. So let us start there. I love them.

This is why I coach. To play with eight women at the beginning of something new and exciting and bringing together like-minded powerful women to grow, unite and have fun creating a life and business they love!

It is only for you if you are done with...


Believing your stories

Sabotaging your efforts to succeed

Concocting bullshit stories to get your wrapped up in the drama of your life… so it can’t happen because…

In fact any reason that starts…. if only…

If you are ready, and I mean really ready to have my focus on your life – all over it like a rash – this really is for you.  I have eyes everywhere and ears too!  I ask awkward questions that every one else avoids.  I use humour to hi-light and exacerbate situations to enable an area to be more conscious and therefore a decision can be found to go forward.  I will seek out any kink in the armour that you are protecting or emotional about.

These 90 days are all about getting under your skin, past your stories, so you can find out who you really are and what that spirit REALLY wants…

Here is an interview with the lovely Kate Ryan one of my fabulous clients who is now taking a two year sabbatical from her ‘other’ life to fulfil her dream of being a full time Food Writer.

What does Kerry’s mastermind include?

My focus on you and taking you from a place of uncertainty, to an inner calm where you know what you want and have momentum in getting it. It is specifically designed to include what I have loved about the ones I have experienced and includes all that you need to get your life moving from a space that is authentically you…

We have two packages; Mastermind or VIP Mastermind

Initial 121 via skype for two hours (Mastermind & VIP)

In this call I will make sure we are working exactly where we need to be for your 90 days.  It will give you clarity and vision and focus.  It is intense as we need to really get to the crux of what is your thing from the inside out.  It also forms the basis of our relationship, so when I am doing my check in’s I can get to work with you swiftly – it will make you efficient and effective.

Bi-Weekly ‘themed’ Zoom calls (Mastermind & VIP)

An hour-long ‘themed’ call on a Monday Evening  (8.00pm GMT until clocks change) these are where you get my focus weekly. Send me your questions prior and I shall be there to coach you in any way you need. There could be up to eight of you on the call and I shall structure it to make sure you get my time. If you are lucky enough to get me alone I shall focus on you. More than one on this call I shall record and share in the group.

Bi-Weekly Laser 121 session (VIP only)

For you to check in and keep in alignment to what you want.

Private Facebook Group (Mastermind & VIP)

For your use only. I shall share files, video’s, impromptu lives, and a space where you can share you and what you need help with. It is for your to use your fellow mastermind’s. Because this is all about using what you have access to – a lesson for your to learn and take forward post the mastermind. It really is a space where you will get out of it what you put in. Share a lot of you and you will get it back.

Facebook Messenger access (Mastermind & VIP)

You can access me via messenger for any short queries.  This is not a 24 hour A&E service, just a query service so I can get you back on track asap so we keep your momentum going.

One hour Final Zoom Call (Mastermind & VIP)

To complete our mastermind we do a two hour follow up where you celebrate what you have created with your group and also state your next steps.  This is vital for what you want to continue.

Overall there is so much we get done in the 90 Days.  It is all about you and how I can as you coach support you in the lessons for you learn and take forward in life.  They are not easy 90 Days; although they are a lot of fun and challenging.  We will be taking you through that glass ceiling and I am thrilled to say that.  They do take enthusiasm and courage.  But what you bring will be rewarded and given back.

If you would like to start with the mastermind and then upgrade to the VIP this can also be agreed, depending on how much space Kerry has.

Who is this for?

These masterminds are for you if:

You are looking for a missing part to take you to the next level

You are still looking externally for success

You are challenged by commitment and know this is what you really need

You manage to over think what it is going to take to succeed

You need a strong hand when it comes to accountability

It is not for you if…

You are still looking for another thing to distract you

You want someone to blame for you not getting what you really want

You are not going to commit to the 90 days

You have other commitments that will distract you

You are not ready to get involved in any way you can

When does the next one start?

To be confirmed.

How much is it?

The VIP Mastermind is £897.00 early bird.  Full price is £997.00

Payment options are available, please email to discuss these as they are dependent on when you book.

Book your call now

If you would like to talk to Kerry about the mastermind please do so via this link.  It takes you to her booking page where you can book a call.  If there isn’t a suitable time for you and your time zone (she has international clients) please email her at

Thank you!