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Water. Start with water…

May 21, 2017

First things first... water!

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I was just writing up in my journal this morning about how many ‘ideas’ we have rolling around in our head and sometimes it feels like they are just waiting for their time to get to come out to play.  Maybe that’s right and maybe that’s just stuff rolling around as thoughts that we make ‘real’.  Who knows the truth on that.  But I know that there are times when we just have so many ‘ideas’ ‘dreams’ ‘goals’ that clutter our mind and where do we really start?

Where do you get clarity?

For me, it starts with how I start my day.Ideas are your expansive side, the ‘what if’ part of your life, the’ if only’ I could…  but the day to day stuff is the foundations of your growth.  This is where you need to get the strength of your convictions to move forward, without hesitation and allow yourself to grow.  Day by day.  What do you need to do daily is really up to you.  Yes, I know you want me to tell you what you need, we all want the magic bullet, but to be honest if I told you, it would be my version, not yours and that is why you are not doing it already – if you arent…

My morning starts always and I mean ALWAYS with a pint of water – sometimes with lemons (which I prefer) but if I have run out I have it good old plain.  Yup straight up.  Water.  If for any reason I cannot do this (only if I am suffering with a migraine…) I know the rest of the day is not going to easy to consume the amount of water I love for my body to have.  I know that when I give myself water, as often as I know I need, it is quite literally amazing what it does for my life and those around me.  When you are properly hydrated you become clear in your mind, your body moves with more ease and life gets… wait for it… more fluid!

Just water?

Yes just starting off with one big glass of water.  It is so funny when people get hooked up on ‘oh I can’t drink a big glass it makes me gag… or oh I try but I just can’t get it down… or I have to have something in it… or it HAS to be cold/warm… or I just can’t drink it from the tap…’  this excuses are long and boring.  I had a great discussion with one of my clients about this and how difficult we can all agree it is. But when we break it down it is about 15 seconds to change your life.

15 seconds to change your life…

Yes really.  Try it.  I bet that you can do it.  If you can do this for a month and journal how different you feel and what you notice.  I promise you will see differences you never knew could be that simple and you so profound.  I even bet that one of those other ‘ideas’ could come into fruition too…

Go on.  Dare ya.  Go live a better life in 15 seconds…

Love YOUR life,


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