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Do you need a REBOOT?

August 15, 2018

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Where has this year gone?  I cannot believe I am in the midst of August with the summer in full flow…  I hope yours is going well – and for those of you who live on the other side… the winter is going well too!  The summer is all about camping and getting up at 5am to ensure I do something for everyone as well as me!  I love my mornings… they include all of the bits that I love to do without interruption and then adding in the extra time for the business….

Today I want to share with you a little of what I have been up to over the last few months.  I am learning to get out of me what I do with my one to one clients and this time I LOVE it and thankfully the clients I have taken through it did too AND they gained so much from it…

I am feeling a sense of inner peace and I’m becoming more focused on creating the life and future that I want.

I loved hearing what they got from it.  The comments as each week went by… ‘if we had done this before we would’t have got it…’ my internal jump for joy!  I was/am so pleased with it and what people are taking away.  It is intense and full on.  I think I have given it everything that I feel we need to make that change…

1. Structure
It is ten weeks strategically placed lessons which follow each other and build as they go.  They follow three areas that I work through with clients; clarity – getting clear on what you LOVE and knowing that and getting rid of the stuffication with which we surround ourselves with.  Connection comes next – who are you underneath?  We learn ways to love who you are and how to look out for you… vital lessons in life and then lastly the confidence you now have to go be that person everywhere!  Shine your bold bottom out there!

2.  Group
Adding a group dynamic to this is essential.  And I see the more you put into a secret sacred group the more your learning is.  The group is there for you to make sure you share your lessons, to ask your questions and feel safe to do so when you are feeling vulnerable when you are learning new ways of being. The feedback was that the group felt very strongly that was a major part of that feeling of it is only me that struggles… nope.  We all do in some way.

3.  Ask and connect
I set up a Q & A session after the lessons each week where I answer live any questions post the training.  This was my way to make sure as much as I share what I know to be true about my lessons – making them personal to everyone allows it to be real and I will share as much as I can in those post lesson sessions.  If anyone couldn’t make it, I made sure to check the group to see what they were struggling with and any questions posted in there.  These were where many moments of clarity came.  For everyone… including me.

4.  We built it.
Every week we built and referred back to what we had already covered to see what we can take forward.  This acted like revision and surpassed my expectations.

I want to share this with you.  If you know when it comes to September you want to look and create a life you want.  Putting you first and understanding what you want inside.  Underneath it all. Past all the other wants and pulls on your time…

This is all about you.  ALL about YOU.

I hope you love it as much as I do delivering it!

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